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"May 19, 1977 - Near Perry, OR and the old Grande Ronde lumber mill site"
"Galloway Bros. Mill in Galloway Meadows, 7 mi. north of Elgin. Logging. Till Galloway Mill at Double Barrel Springs on Gordon Creek."
"Grossman Saw Mill, Oregon logging" This saw mill looks like it would have been a very bare bones place to work or possibly live. A large pile of logs is in the righthand corner of the picture, and it's huge size can be determined by a horse standing…
"Corn grinder for corn meal demonstration" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Ingenious Hand Mill. As explained and demonstrated by Juan Berden's neighbor, Filipinos used this mill to grind whole corn or rice into flour. Built by driving rows of metal studs…
"Pioneer Flouring Mill Co. - Water powered - Island City"
"La Grande in 1875" [Some locations in the town have been identified in white writing, but they are unreadable.] [Print copies and digitized images located at: 2010.15.00561 - "A Town with a Future" 2010.15.00581 - "View from Mill Canyon in the SW…
"4. Pioneer Flouring Mill and Elevators - Island City, OR - 1929+/-"
"Wade & Wright Mill - Summerville, OR 1898+/-"
"Mt. Emily Mill when in Enterprise"
"Hanford Reed Mill at Elgin" [This image has been taken directly from Bernal Hug's book, "History of Elgin, Oregon" (page 232).]
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