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"Kay Olsen Bunt, student, straw purse" Kay Olsen Bunt stands between two other young women in the doorway of Quinn Coliseum. They are all three wearing 1960's style dresses and hairstyles. The two women on either side of Kay are carrying binders or…
"1988" Two young men stop to talk outdoors at one of the brick, planting beds.
"6/1986 - Fleetwood Enterprise Meeting" Clockwise around the table, starting at 8:00: Doug Spear (1st), Dixie Lund (2nd), Jack Schut (4th).
While being filmed by a camera, a little boy looks at pages in a three-ring binder with a young man. Hanging behind the boy on the wall is a poster with "Socko" on it.
"3/1986" This is an unidentified woman walking on a campus sidewalk near the white sculpture in front of Zabel Hall.
"June 1980 - Graduation" Dick Hiatt (shown).
"1/1985 - Campus candids" An unidentified woman works at a desk in a large office.
"3/1985" Three images of a meeting in the Hoke Hall Conference Room.
"4/1985 - Governor Vic Atiyeh visits [Oregon governor 1979-1987]" - twenty-eight images 85079 .005 - Dave Gilbert (standing), Governor Atiyeh (seated, in profile). .006 - Governor Atiyeh (center of image, in profile). .013-.014 - Governor Atiyeh.…
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