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Three images of a young man sitting with his back up against the trunk of a tree while he reads an Algebra textbook.
"February 1983" Although she doesn't look entirely comfortable, a young woman takes a nap in an armchair in Hoke Hall.
"P.R. [Public Relations]" Two images: One of a young man and woman looking at a book between them while seated on opposite sides of a desk in an office, and a second of the same couple arm wrestling playfully.
Five images of business being conducted in the newly opened Hoke Hall Bookstore.
"September 1990" Four images of students shopping in the campus bookstore.
"1990" Two images of two students studying together.
"1990" An image of a student studying.
"1989" Two images of a student, wearing an "Eastern" sweatshirt, and studying at a table in Pierce Library. A sign in the background reads, "The Year of the Reader, 1987."
"1989" Four images of a student studying.
"1989" Two images of students waiting in a line that stretches out of the campus bookstore entrance, probably to sell back their textbooks.
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