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"10/20/1981" Ten images of three floats in the homecoming parade representing different campus organizations: Women's Sports, Student Activities, and Football. 81109 .001-.002 - "Student Activities is a kick in the _ _ _!" .024-.025 - "Go Mounties"…

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"October 1980" Thirty-eight images of various booths with games, food, and selling wares, at the 1980 October Festival. 80093 .015 - Booth run by Union County Young Republicans. .017 - Booth run by Intercultural Relations. 80094 .002 - Betty Peck…

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"1954-55 Young Republicans" The 1954-1955 Young Republicans pose together in two rows in one of the classrooms. Back row: Duane Lindsay, Don Starr, Dwain Estes, Steve Fonda, Dave McLain, Art Hartgraves. Front row: Diana Gilstrap, Jackie Hawk, Gary…

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"1954-55 - Young Republicans" Young men and women who make up the membership of the EOCE Young Republicans in 1954, hold an informal meeting in one of the dormitory common rooms.

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"John Young house - West side - 1920 - on Palmer & ten Road North of Elgin - owned in 1990's by Morad Donigan"

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The Young Hotel in North Powder, Oregon. Parked near the right side fence on the other side of the train tracks is Walter Reuter's motorcycle. "Railroad Crossing - Look Out For The Cars"

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"Young Hotel - North Powder Ore." [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page 215), edited and compiled by Bernal D. Hug.]

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