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"10/20/1981" Ten images of three floats in the homecoming parade representing different campus organizations: Women's Sports, Student Activities, and Football. 81109 .001-.002 - "Student Activities is a kick in the _ _ _!" .024-.025 - "Go Mounties"…
"October 1980" Thirty-eight images of various booths with games, food, and selling wares, at the 1980 October Festival. 80093 .015 - Booth run by Union County Young Republicans. .017 - Booth run by Intercultural Relations. 80094 .002 - Betty Peck…
"1954-55 Young Republicans" The 1954-1955 Young Republicans pose together in two rows in one of the classrooms. Back row: Duane Lindsay, Don Starr, Dwain Estes, Steve Fonda, Dave McLain, Art Hartgraves. Front row: Diana Gilstrap, Jackie Hawk, Gary…
"1954-55 - Young Republicans" Young men and women who make up the membership of the EOCE Young Republicans in 1954, hold an informal meeting in one of the dormitory common rooms.
"John Young house - West side - 1920 - on Palmer & ten Road North of Elgin - owned in 1990's by Morad Donigan"
The Young Hotel in North Powder, Oregon. Parked near the right side fence on the other side of the train tracks is Walter Reuter's motorcycle. "Railroad Crossing - Look Out For The Cars"
"Young Hotel - North Powder Ore." [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page 215), edited and compiled by Bernal D. Hug.]
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