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"10/1985 - Octoberfest" Five images of one of the German Club's food and beverage events for the October Folk Festival in Hoke Hall. .003 - Mike Daugherty (left, back to camera), Ray Steele (right).
"10/1984 - October Folk Festival" Four images of people making their Oktoberfest food purchases at the German Club's food counter in Hoke Hall. .012 - Leen Inghels (left). .013 - Leen Inghels (middle).
"10/1984" Five images of the October Folk Festival banner going up on Hoke Hall.
"10/20/1981" Seven images of people enjoying food that has been cooked and served up by the German Club. 81114 .010 - Leen Inghels. 81117 .007-.008 - Leen Inghels.
"10/20/1981" Nine images of the German Club wearing costumes, riding on a truck, and folk dancing in the homecoming parade.
"October 1980" Three images of the German Club wearing costumes and folk dancing in the homecoming parade.
"October 1980" Thirty-eight images of various booths with games, food, and selling wares, at the 1980 October Festival. 80093 .015 - Booth run by Union County Young Republicans. .017 - Booth run by Intercultural Relations. 80094 .002 - Betty Peck…
"May 20, 1978 - Parent's Weekend - German [Club] Dancers" Three images of students folk dancing for an audience out in front of Hoke Hall.
"February 18, 1978 - Open House" Three images of students demonstrating folk dancing to promote the German Club at the Open House.
"December 1977 - Intercultural Dinner Program" Thirty-six images of the entertainment program for the Intercultural Christmas Dinner. French Club offers a sword duel with rapiers, a puppet show, and singers. Spanish Club offers Mexican dancers, a…
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