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"April 22, 1981 - Distirict 6 Music Festival" Four images of children from the West Park Elementary School in Hermiston, Oregon participating in the music festival. Their mascot is "Wildcats."
"Dorion Hall West - Residence hall" [This photo appears in the 1966 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 40.]
"Dorion Hall West" Exterior shot after the lettering has been affixed to the new West Dorion Hall.
"Residence Hall (West Dorion Hall)" The van and cars parked along the building appear to be from the 1980's era.
"Dorion Hall West" Exterior picture of Dorion Hall West. There is also a late 1950's era Chevrolet parked on the street in front of the building.
"Dorion Hall" East and West. A late 1950's era vehicle is parked near the buildings.
"Baker [County] area mines - Highland Gold Mine Co. - Knapp Group - Sumpter, Or. Maps - circa 1901-1903" "Property of the Highland Gold Mines Co.- Knapp Group - Sumpter, Oregon - Granite, Grano-Diorite, Argillite - U.S. Deputy Mineral Surveyors"
"1913 & 1915 Ads from Union Stock Show Programs - H.L. West, Jeweler"
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