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"Soloists" Seven images of the two Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra violin soloists with the conductor in the middle. The violinist on the left is EOSC music professor, Robert Groth.
"1969-70 Grande Ronde Symphony Soloists" Four images of from left to right: Front row: Lynn Bishop (middle, flute). Back row: [Appears to be:] Allan Morgan (left, trumpet), Gary Jensen (middle, bassoon).
"1988" Twelve images of a group of senior citizens waiting outside of one of the entrances to the Grande Ronde Retirement home.
"10/1985" Ten images of a somewhat dilapidted looking ranch with rough out-buildings and livestock.
"December 5, 1982 - Grande Ronde Symphony Concert"
"December 5, 1982 - Grande Ronde Symphony Rehearsal" - two images
"6/8/1982" Fifteen images of farm buildings, equipment, livestock, and irrigation in the Grande Ronde Valley.
"October 1979 - GRC (Grande Ronde Commodities) Plant" Eighteen images taken of the exterior of the small EOSC tour group at the GRC Plant, other storage buildings, storage tanks, pipes, and the surrounding fields, roads, and railroad tracks near the…
"October 1979 - GRC (Grande Ronde Commodities) Plant" Twenty-nine images taken inside the GRC Plant. The pictures include the small EOSC tour group, a plant worker, various equipment, storage tanks, gauges, and pipes. 790073 .022 - Dave Gilbert…
"November 19, 1978 - Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra"
Jim Robertson conducts the musicians through a rehearsal. Playing violins, Robert Groth is located in the direct center of the image, and Florence Miller is the first woman seated on his left.
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