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"7/29/1988 - Ground breaking, Loso Hall"

From right to left: Ian Gatley (2nd, in profile), Jim Hottois (3rd, in profile), Jim Lundy (4th, in profile), Tom Dimond (6th, in profile).
"1988 - Basketball" Nine images taken during the preparations for an impending basketball game. The head coach and players walk out to their side of the stands, the players are introduced to the fans, and team huddle-ups occur.

Bill Crancio…
"1988 - Basketball"

Bill Crancio (center of image).
"1988 - Basketball"

Bill Crancio (middle of image, in profile).
"1988 - Basketball" An image of head coach, Bill Crancio (direct center of image, back of head to camera) coaching the basketball team at an away-game against George Fox.
"1988" Two images of maintenance employees working on jobs.
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