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"1/1987 - Women's Basketball" Thirty-six action images taken during a women's basketball game against George Fox. .005 - R Hedberg, #20 (with ball). .007-.011 - Mindi Mouritsen, #25. .018 - R. Hedberg, #20 (with ball). .033 - R. Hedberg, #20 (with…

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"1988 - Basketball" An image of head coach, Bill Crancio (direct center of image, back of head to camera) coaching the basketball team at an away-game against George Fox.

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"1988 - Basketball" Thirty-four images taken during an away-game against George Fox.

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"1988 - Basketball" An image of some of the basketball players checking out the view from the top of the stands in George Fox's gymnasium.

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"1988 - Basketball" Five images of the EOSC basketball players being introduced prior to an away-game at George Fox.

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An EOC basketball player is up in the air blocking a basket attempt by the opposing, George Fox, team member. Several members of both teams are also in the key. Spectators are visible in the stands in the background.

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"1/15/1993 - Eastern vs. G. [George] Fox: T. Lautenbach" An Eastern Oregon basketball player works heavily to find a shot at the basket while being heavily double guarded by two opposing team members in dark uniforms.

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"1st Sawmill in the Valley - Charles Fox Sawmill at Orodell - Mouth of the Grande Ronde Canyon - 1868"

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