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"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon: Jeff Church, #78; Mitch Frye, #59; Jason Deason, #61"
"9/18/1981 - Alumni Football Game" An image from the sideline of the football team made up of alumni players.
Wearing their uniforms, members of the football team stand along the field sideline and raise their helmets up in a supportive, celebratory form. #11, Todd Ellis is on the left end and looking back at the camera.
"9/18/1981 - Alumni Football Game" A series of images of football players on the sideline of the alumni team.
"11/16/1982" Two images of the football cheerleaders watching a game from the sideline.
"10/1985" A series of images of the coaches and players on the sideline during the football game.

Jerry Howell (2nd in from left, in profile).
"October 1989" Two images of football players standing and seated on a bench during the Homecoming game.
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