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Two images of EOSC football players, assistant coaches, and trainers on the sidelines cheering teammates.
"4/1991 - Baseball" Four images of baseball player, J.R. Sisk receiving some medical attention for a scalp laceration from athletics trainer, Bill Vine.
"1989 - Football" Three images of the trainer with the young people who appear to be equipment handlers for the football team.
"1989 - Football" Four images of the 1989 Football Team posing on the visitor's bleachers, together with their coaches, trainers, and equipment handlers. Coaches along the front row from left to right: Wes McCallaster (2nd), Rob Cushman (3rd), Tim…
"June 1988" Four images of a young woman sitting on a patient's table while an unidentified trainer or coach wraps her ankle.
"June 1988 - Exercise bike" Ten images of a young woman riding a stationary bicycle while Coach Shawn Perkins takes her blood pressure and other readings. .007 - Peggy Anderson (in profile). .013 - Peggy Anderson (in profile).
"9/1986" Two images of athletics trainer, Bill Vine.
"11/16/1982" Ten images of what appears to be the post-game hugs and tears after the final game of the football season. 82105 .001 - Joel Ryser, #12 (receiving hug). .002 - From left to right: Rod Turner, Assistant Coach (1st)
"12/2/1981" An unidentified young man, wearing an EOSC sport's overshirt. [Possibly, a trainer or assistant coach?]
"1949" Wearing their uniforms, the EOCE Mountaineer football team poses together with their coaches. From left to right: Kneeling in front: Ivan Orr (Manager), Hollis Fait (Assistant Coach), Bob Quinn (Coach), Bob Oesterle (Assistant Coach), Jim…
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