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Wearing their uniforms, three cross runners stop to talk before or after their run. Western and Eastern Oregon are both represented, as well as a third school that cannot be identified from this angle.
As an Eastern Oregon basketball player attempts a shot, he is blocked by a Western player.
"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon"
"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon" - four images .013 - Todd Beamer, #3
"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon: Jeff Church, #78
"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon, Band Day" - eleven images
"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon" Background from left to right: Covered tennis courts, Loso Hall, Quinn Coliseum (partial). Further back: Mt. Emily.
"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon" Five images of coaches watching from the sidelines and going over plays during the game with Western Oregon. .001 & .010 - Shawn Perkins (kneeling with whiteboard), Savali Vaeao (white shirt, in profile).…
"1988 - Basketball" Eight images taken during a basketball game against Western Oregon.
"January 1978 - Mountie Basketball" vs. Western Oregon
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