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"Constructing Pipeline - Fremont Power Co. - near Ruby Camp - F. M. Wisler, foreman - Grant County - circa 1901-1903"
"Fremont Power Co.'s Plant - Grant County - circa 1901-1903"
"Sumpter, Oregon - September 24, 1900 - View of Granite St. looking east - Board Street [made of wood planks] was built in 1900 - Eight horse team pulling wagon. Transferring armature to Fremont Power Co. Olive Lake from Sumpter."
"1976 Football" The two teams face off against each other over the line as they wait for the ball to be snapped. Fans can be seen watching from the sheltered stands in the background. A banner declaring, "MOUNTIE POWER" is hanging above the fans, and…
"February 4, 1980 - EOSC Basketball home game" The stands are full of basketball fans. A Mountie Power banner hangs at the right. The game was against Oregon Tech, and EOSC won, 73-66.
"Oct. 1, 1977"
The football cheerleaders sit together on the covered bleachers under a banner that reads, "Mountie Power."
"April 14, 1976 - Man Power meeting"
"October 1977 - Faculty / Staff - Bud Reese"
"February 4, 1980 - EOSC Basketball home game [against Oregon Tech]" EOSC won, 73-66.
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