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"1989" Five images taken during the promotional start-up for the Oregon Lottery program involving Sports Action. .007 - Dick Stenard. .010 - From left to right: Dick Stenard (1st), Peggy Anderson (4th).
"Intramural Sports, Kim Hale" EOSC women's softball player, Kim Hale, poses out on the field with a glove and bat. Pierce Library and Mt. Emily can be seen in the background.
"1992 Skiing - Kristin Haueter" Wearing a Ford Sports competition number 140 NCSA bib, winter ski clothes, goggles and skis, Kristin Haueter directs her momentum around competition flags with ski poles.
"1976 Football" The two teams face off against each other over the line as they wait for the ball to be snapped. Fans can be seen watching from the sheltered stands in the background. A banner declaring, "MOUNTIE POWER" is hanging above the fans, and…
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