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"Overview of 17th Tact. Recon Camp on Biak. Service Tents - Generator and gasoline drums in foreground. Metal roof of Mess hall in distance on left"
"Steam Powered Generator for Union - early 1900's - Otto Compton: Steam Engineer -Electric Power Plant located near the creek where the RR spur took off for Cove"
"5. 1929+/-" Heavy machinery, presumably part of the La Grande Water Works.
"Steam powered generator - La Grande - 1929+/-" Presumably, part of the La Grande Water Works.
"Worthy Blakeney's 6 volt home lighting generator - so wired to start when any light switch in the house was turned on - rural Elgin 1936"
"Fremont Power Co.'s Plant - Grant County - circa 1901-1903"
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