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"Physical Plant Staff" Two women and three men pose together in a line in their work clothes.
"Physical Plant Staff, 1954-55" The nine men and two women that make up the physical plant staff pose together in their work clothes. [A very similar photo appears in the 1955 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 14.]
"November 30, 1976
Changing of 'Ozone' State back to 'Oregon' State - Mountain climbing students from Outdoor Program - Richard Candelaria [left], Ken Cronk [right]."
"May 1977 - Norm [Norman] Punches (plumber)"
Norm Punches applies a bumper sticker to one of the campus trucks. It reads: "We Save Energy."
"March 1977 - Plant Service Building"
From a set of images that were probably taken in order to document the state of disrepair that the old building had fallen into. This image shows damaged ceiling tiles. [The main part of this building was…
"May 1978 - Norm [Norman] Punches (plumber)"
"May 17, 1978 - Steve Donnell"
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