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Four images of a rancher outside letting his dogs have a run, and then going to the barn to check on his cattle.
"Construction" Ten images of EOC President Averno Rempel and Dean of Administration Richard Perry taking some visiting officials on a tour of the Hoke Hall construction site. .011 - Walking behind the old Hoke Building that will be torn down when the…
"4/14/1989 - Loso Hall, [Pictured:] Dick Johansen, work clerk for DIS Story" - two images
"August 1988" Thirty-one images of a framework that is being erected to provide a cover for the new tennis courts. The structure will also be used as a weather protected, outdoor space for upcoming functions. A crane lifts roofing supports that are…
"6/1987 - Summer Theater" An image of a scene from the summer, children's production of the Charlie Brown musical, "Snoopy."
"8/1986" Twenty-five images that appear to have been taken during a call-out for forest fire fighters. A temporary camp was set up on campus with support services for the fire fighters. School buses then transported people and equipment to the…
"3/1986" Seventeen images taken during a tour of the Boise Cascade lumber mill.
"6/1981" Three images of a constructed "time clock man" sitting at a desk in an office.
"January 1979 - Ken Henry" Three images of Ken Henry wearing a hard hat and working with an unidentified gentleman on the dry wall and spackle in one of the elementary school rooms.
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