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Eleven images of the exterior of Pierce Library taken during the remodeling work as it begins to near completion. Windows have been placed, and the walls and smokestack are getting a coat of paint.
Ten images of the interior of Pierce Library taken during the ongoing remodel work. Rooms, hallways, and areas are beginning to take shape as walls, ductwork, ceiling tiles, and lighting are added.
"September 1991" Six images of an employee putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls in one of the campus buildings.
"1989" Two images of employees painting Eastern Mountaineers with an updated look on a wall in one of the gymnasiums in Quinn Coliseum.
"1989" Four images of an employee painting the updated Eastern logo on the wall inside one of the campus buildings.
"6/1987 - Elderhostel" Nine images taken during a painting class, conducted by art professor, Ian Gatley for the Elderhostel program. .002 - Ian Gatley (standing, in profile). .003-.004 - Ian Gatley (kneeling, center of image). .007-.008 - Ian Gatley…
"4/1986" Three images of employees painting one of the rooms with built-in cabinets and shelving in Ackerman Elementary School.
"1949-50 Art" This appears to be an arts program for senior citizens that was held on campus. A woman sits in an art classroom next to an open window while she works on a painting of a canyon.
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