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"Mar. 1912. Elk (after re-loading) Joseph on way to Billy Mdws. Up and away goes a crate of three elk being transferred to a sled for the remainder of the trip after the snow became too deep for wagons. The crates were changed at McCarty Creek after…

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"Mar. 1912. Nearing Billy Meadows the snow was so deep often times the horses' backs were barely visible above the deep cuts. The sleds were in almost constant danger of tipping over. The trip took much longer than had been planned but all the elk…

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"What started out as a great adventure turned into a much larger challenge when men and horses undertook to transport a herd of elk. It would have been a huge undertaking in good weather but March, 1912, was fickle. Where snow was needed for easier…

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"Unusual - A long log hollowed out in sections to hold water from a spring (pipe from spring in closest end) for sheep watering - Jarbeau Meadows - north of Elgin - July 10, 1938" [Photograph used in "Supplement to History of Union County, No. 4"…

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"Bowman-Hicks Lumber Co. Shay #1 in Boatman Meadows, [Maxville, Oregon] - 1924. Red Wilson, fireman, is standing in the cab. Hercial Jones [not pictured] was the engineer."

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"July 29th, 1907 - Feb. 22nd, 1909. Yours with love, Wallace J. Lisle - Tacoma, Wash.'"

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"Lee Fine, Fay Coon, Relaford Hayes" stand next to train stock cars in Boatman Meadows, Maxville, Oregon - 1923. One of the cars is loaded with railroad "ties for Union Pacific," and the other car is loaded with "logs for Bowman-Hicks, La Grande…

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