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"Mar. 1912. Crowds looking at Elk passing on way to Joseph. Elgin, in Union County, was the last stop before the train entered Wallowa County. The sign at the depot tells travellers it is 62.9 miles to Joseph. There was snow on the ground when the…

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"What started out as a great adventure turned into a much larger challenge when men and horses undertook to transport a herd of elk. It would have been a huge undertaking in good weather but March, 1912, was fickle. Where snow was needed for easier…

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On paper with photo: "A Flag Raising took place at the Jack Johnson horse ranch near The Buttes in Wallowa County on July 4 1917. The flag, 8 x 10 feet, was hoisted on a 65-foot pole. Johnson, however, deemed the flag too small and traded it for the…

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