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"Wrestling - Left to right, front row: David Robinson, John Kruesi, Larry Thornton, Terry Wright, Samuel Jones, Rick Isaacson, Mike McCoy, Leonard Phelan, Brick Woodward, Gregory Nelson, John Bilyeu. Back row: Gerald Ewing, Doug Hart, Dave…

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The EOC wrestling team, from left to right: Back row: Coach Erling Odegaard, Mike McCoy, John Bilyeu, Gregory Nelson, Brick Woodward, Leonard Phelan, Assistant Coach Charles Holliday, Gerald Ewing. Front row: David Robinson, John Kruesi, Larry…

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"New Faculty" Two images of Sally Brownton, manager of the campus bookstore, Brain Seller.

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"Basketball Team - Left to right: Row 1: Ron Koivisto, Ashley Court, Dave Helspeth, Jim Berrick, Rich Mikel, and Bob McMillan. Row 2: Manager Joe Wilson, John Lewis, Mike Wetherell, Darrel Watson, Dan Cornett, Bob Johnson, and Stan Weiper. Row 3:…

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"5/1986 - Kathy Ferguson" - two images

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"4/1986" An image of manager, Kathy Ferguson, standing in the Hoke Hall Bookstore.

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"4/1984" Three images of Bookstore Manager, Kathy Ferguson.

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"11/1983 - Faculty & Staff Lunch" - eight images .001 - [Appears to be:] Kathy Ferguson (left, in profile). .002 - Terry Edvalson (other end of tables, smoking pipe). .003 - From right to left: Thomas Bradbeer (2nd, in profile). .004 - From right to…

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"10/1981" Nine images of the Bookstore employees readying themselves for Halloween with face painting and costumes. Even Bookstore Manager, Kathy Ferguson gets in on the fun. .005-.006 - Kathy Ferguson (left). .007-.008 - Kathy Ferguson (center).…

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"October 1980 - Eocene Courts, Manager 5B" - ten images

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