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"1988" An image of the campus clock and information bulletin board.
"3/19/1982" The new clock installed over the campus information sign. Hoke Hall is visible in the wintry background.
"Week of April 26, 1976"
Patty Crider works at the "Student Information" desk.
An unidentified young woman poses amid the flowering plants that grew outside the College Relations building.
"October 1977 - Campus scenes"
The College Relations building.
"December 1979"
The College Relations building sign.
"9/24/1981" Five images of a new, campus information sign receiving some finishing touches.
"2/9/1982" An image of the new campus clock that was recently installed on top of the information sign which was installed the previous year.
"March 10, 1984 - Open House" Seven images of workers at the Information Table helping attendees of the Open House.

Dick Hiatt (right, in profile).
"5/1991" An image of a young woman on the phone at the Information Counter in Hoke Hall.
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