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"T. Moser" Four images of a young woman sitting at a desk with an open logbook that she is using for information.
Two images of an unidentified woman sitting at a desk while looking through the city newspaper.
"February 1983" An unidentified young man works at a desk in a small office. There is a calendar hanging on the wall next to him.
Four images of a young woman who appears to be a library student worker.
Nine images of various young people working in the library, manning desk positions and fixing equipment. With the exception of Assistant Librarian Helen Bliss, they appear to be student workers. .011-.012 - Helen Bliss (furthest desk).
"5/1991" An image of a young woman on the phone at the Information Counter in Hoke Hall.
"1990" Three images of unidentified, young women who appear to be in the Micronesian Program working at desks in different offices.
"1990" An image of an unidentified, young woman working at a desk in an open office area.
"1989" Two images of students working as monitors in one of the campus recreation rooms.
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