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"La Grande, Oregon street scene - before 1911. Looking east on Adams Ave. Advertisement for Selders [manufacturer of candies & ice cream] is on the building on the right." The Foley Hotel is directly on the left.

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"This picture is of (left to right) Art Weigle, Frank Bay, Nate Zweifel and Claude Mackey. The man in the background was a Presbyterian minister. The rabbits were for a feast to be held in the Foley Hotel. At the feast they boiled the rabbits until…

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"No. 140 The Overland Mail (stagecoach pulled by a 4-horse team). Behind the stagecoach, the Enterprise Hotel is under construction - 1902."

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"Winding its way to the Canyon Hotel [or Canyon House] Wallowa, Oreg. - circa 1900." The stagecoach departed from Elgin, made a stop for meals and overnight accomodations at the Canyon Hotel in Wallowa, and then arrived at its destination many, many…

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"Sacajawea" Hotel, La Grande, Oregon - Opening Day, December 1929" [Probably designated as the official opening day for specials and celebrations as the Sacajawea Hotel actually opened for business about ten months prior on February 18, 1928. It…

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"La Grande Hotel - circa 1929" [Of note: The La Grande Hotel signage which is located on the side of the building in this image, is on the front of the building in images dated after 1927.] [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page…

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"Cove, Oregon street scene - circa 1910 - D. [Dunham] Wright Hotel pointed out on print. [Dunham Wright owned the hotel, which was also called the Cove Hotel.] Confectionery / Bakery located across the street from the hotel."

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"Fourth of July celebration - Union, Oregon - July 4, 1889. A large crowd of people are gathered on the balconies and in front of the Centennial Hotel."

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"Cove Hotel, circa 1900"

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"No. 27 Hotel Northern, Wallowa, Ore. - circa 1912. Buildings from left to right: Bank (built 1905), city pharmacy (built circa 1907), Hotel Northern (built circa 1908), C.B. Smith & Co."

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