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"Elgin 4th of July Festivities 1939"
"4th of July Parade 1940 - Moore Field float in front of Opera House"
"July 4th 1908 Elgin, Oreg. - Parade - looking North"
The Elgin City Hall and Opera House appears to be decorated for the 4th of July. A procession of horse and riders pass in front of it.
"Fourth of July Parade - Elgin, Oregon - July 4, 1908. Looking north on Front St. over the 'Elgin Hardware' sign. Directly next door to the hardware store is Dr. Easley's dentist office."
"La Grande, Oregon - Adams Avenue, looking west from Depot Street - 4th of July, 1900" The Foley Hotel, which has a sign on it reading, "Foley House," is visible in the background.
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