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"La Grande in 1875" [Some locations in the town have been identified in white writing, but they are unreadable.] [Print copies and digitized images located at: 2010.15.00561 - "A Town with a Future" 2010.15.00581 - "View from Mill Canyon in the SW…
"Elgin / Joseph Wallowa Valley Stage overnight accomodations at the Canyon House [circa] 1898-1908. 60 miles from Elgin to Joseph, took 12 1/2 hours. Left Elgin 11:00am, arrived Joseph 11:30pm. Dinner break @ Canyon House."
"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1900 - Overview, looking northeast from the hill above Deal Canyon. There are two unidentified [and barely visible] men standing in the foreground."
"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1900 - Overview of Old Town, La Grande from the hill above Deal Canyon."
"Caption reads: 'Johnnie and crew making a ditch out of head of Little Bear Creek, coming down Allen Canyon for irrigation' - circa 1900."
"The Brook-Trouts Home, Elbow Canyon' north end (Eden area) Wallowa County, Oregon - circa 1910."
"In 1879 the Wallowa Canyon Road, or Smith Mountain Road, was built. The Bridge at Minam was a toll bridge. The stagecoach pictured and driven by Bill Arnold was possibly the last run of the coach on that road. The railroad had been built into…
"Winding its way to the Canyon Hotel [or Canyon House] Wallowa, Oreg. - circa 1900." The stagecoach departed from Elgin, made a stop for meals and overnight accomodations at the Canyon Hotel in Wallowa, and then arrived at its destination many, many…
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