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"La Grande in 1875" [Some locations in the town have been identified in white writing, but they are unreadable.] [Print copies and digitized images located at: 2010.15.00561 - "A Town with a Future" 2010.15.00581 - "View from Mill Canyon in the SW…

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"Elgin / Joseph Wallowa Valley Stage overnight accomodations at the Canyon House [circa] 1898-1908. 60 miles from Elgin to Joseph, took 12 1/2 hours. Left Elgin 11:00am, arrived Joseph 11:30pm. Dinner break @ Canyon House."

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"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1900 - Overview, looking northeast from the hill above Deal Canyon. There are two unidentified [and barely visible] men standing in the foreground."

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"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1900 - Overview of Old Town, La Grande from the hill above Deal Canyon."

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"Caption reads: 'Johnnie and crew making a ditch out of head of Little Bear Creek, coming down Allen Canyon for irrigation' - circa 1900."

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"The Brook-Trouts Home, Elbow Canyon' north end (Eden area) Wallowa County, Oregon - circa 1910."

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"In 1879 the Wallowa Canyon Road, or Smith Mountain Road, was built. The Bridge at Minam was a toll bridge. The stagecoach pictured and driven by Bill Arnold was possibly the last run of the coach on that road. The railroad had been built into…

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"Winding its way to the Canyon Hotel [or Canyon House] Wallowa, Oreg. - circa 1900." The stagecoach departed from Elgin, made a stop for meals and overnight accomodations at the Canyon Hotel in Wallowa, and then arrived at its destination many, many…

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