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"L.J. Carlson cut stone, began haul [with] 2 teams, Mon 4-27-08 (Jones Butte). J.N. Roberts finished footings 4-28-08. Slate Gen. Cont. starts super structure 4-30-08 to finish 9-15-08. 400 children [including] Elizabeth Galloway, age 12 years. Board…
"R-19. Riveria School Faculty - 1935-'36"
"A group of students posed in front of the entrance to the Pocahontas School, Baker County, Oregon" - circa 1912. [Note the boy who has climbed up to hang onto the door frame.] [Postcard addressed to Miss Anna Stirr (Sterr?) of Haines, Oregon., never…
"No. 140 The Overland Mail (stagecoach pulled by a 4-horse team). Behind the stagecoach, the Enterprise Hotel is under construction - 1902."
"Grande Ronde Drug Store [La Grande?]" Painted sign on the side of the building reads: "Drugs and Medicines, Paint, Oils, [Glass?], School Books and Cigars"
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