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"September 22, 1990 - Oregon Tech" Head coach, Orson Christensen (right edge, in profile) coaches the team in a game against Oregon Tech.
"October 1990 - Men's Basketball" Two images of head coach, Howard Gauthier.
"1990, Fall - [Orson] Christensen" - three images
"1990, Fall - Women's Basketball" Those who have been identified are from left to right: Front row: Marcey Mattson, #14 (1st)
"November 1990 - Men's Basketball" Head coach, Howard Gauthier is standing in the back row at the left end. Kneeling from left to right: John Doble (1st), Marcel Cole (3rd), Brant Mayo (7th).
"November 1990 - Colleen Colles, Volleyball" - two images
"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon" Five images of coaches watching from the sidelines and going over plays during the game with Western Oregon. .001 & .010 - Shawn Perkins (kneeling with whiteboard), Savali Vaeao (white shirt, in profile).…
"1990" Three images of the football team posing together with their coaches. Hoke Hall provides the background. Head coach, Orson Christensen is in the front row, right end.
"September 1990 - [Howard] Gauthier" Two images of the men's basketball head coach.
"1990" Two images of Sharon Campbell, the women's head basketball coach.
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