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"April 26, 1977 - Visit of Governor Straub"
After the luncheon held in honor of his visit to campus, Governor Straub greets and shakes hands with attendees. President Briggs stands next to him. (Governor Robert [Bob] W. Straub - Oregon governor…
"April 26, 1977 - Visit of Governor Straub"
Governor Straub (left) tours the campus with President Rodney Briggs (right), and Jim Petersen (just visible behind Straub). Here they are looking at the trophy case in Hoke Hall. (Governor Robert [Bob] W.…
"Week of April 5, April 12, 1976 - Campus scenes"
A young man and woman shake right hands as they read from cards while practicing a greeting.
"1957 Homecoming - 'Welcome Grads'" Dr. Lee Johnson (on the right) shakes hands with an unidentified alumni who is visiting during homecoming activities.
"Dignitaries visiting EOC" EOC president, Frank B. Bennett shakes hands with an unidentified woman, and two other men round out the three visiting dignitaries. It appears to be Christmas time as there are holiday decorations up.
Wearing martial art's attire, Norman Kralman on the left and Robert (Bob) Lee on the right shake hands as one hands the other a piece of paper.
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