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Twelve images of a game of flag football played out on the football field. xx177 .001-.002 - Background from left to right: Dorion Hall, Hoke Hall, Zabel Hall. .003 - Background: Hoke Hall (left), Zabel Hall (right). .004-.005 - Background: Hunt Hall…

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A muddy team huddles up during a flag football game.

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"11/1983" Six images of the football team playing a game of Flag Football during practice. Coaches watch from the sidelines.

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"December 1980 - Intramural Football" Seven images of a group of young men wearing athletic clothing and the tell-tale belts with velcro flags attached, for a game of flag football outdoors.

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"11/1983" As a practice tool, the football team plays a game of Flag Football. Coaches watch from the sidelines.

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