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"1948 - Esther May" This is a portrait of Esther May wearing a medium-light colored, collared blouse.
"Walter M. Pierce Library" An audience is gathered to watch the 1954 Commencement and dedication of the Walter M. Pierce Library. Students, faculty and administration are wearing caps and gowns. A dignitary is on hand to place the original Oregon…
"145. 1940-49 - Eastern Oregon College buildings and grounds - La Grande, Oregon" This is a campus picture taken from a distance away. Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall (originally named Dorion), and Ackerman School are all clearly visible.
"The original Hoke Hall before landscaping, Fall 1947" This is the original Hoke Building right after it was newly built and before landscaping was added. (Negative is attached)
"Entrance of the Walter M. Pierce Library on the day of it's dedication. The ceremony is held on the front steps. The original Hoke Hall can just barely be seen in the background on the left."
"Morton, Visiting Speaker" This is a portrait of visiting, guest speaker, Morton. She is wearing a collared blouse and eyeglasses.
"Governor Paul Patterson, Visiting Speaker" This is a portrait of Governor Paul Patterson wearing a dark colored blazer, white dress shirt, dark necktie, and eyeglasses.
"December 1951" This is a portrait of an unidentified woman wearing a light colored, collared, blouse.
"1948 - Evensong Court from left to right: Frances Wheeler, Irene Van Biveren, Queen Rhoda Challet, Dorothy Warren, Betty Gorden, and Hisako Kido" Six young women stand together on the steps of the Grand Staircase outside Inlow Hall. They are all…
"Henry Barich, 1-4-50" This is a studio portrait of Henry Barich wearing a dark tweed suit blazer over a white dress shirt and silk necktie.
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