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"Old E Co 186th Infantry National Guard friends from La Grande, Oregon, met on Biak. Sgt Fred Hill (Air Force), Lt Cochran, Sgt Ernie Stitzinger, Cpl Dean Rizor, S/Sgt Jim Coats" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Oregon Reunion. On September 11-12, Hill was…

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"Sgt Jim Coats & Cpl Dean Rizor E Co 186th Infantry on Biak former members of National Guard unit in La Grande, Oregon of which Fred Hill was also a member"

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Cpl Fred Hill with an another (unidentified) photo section member. "Photo Section - Salinas (CA) & Laurel (Mississippi) - Doc Speer, Tregea, etc."

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"17th Engineering Dept Welder. Percy Smith Cpl" "Laurel AB" (Air Base)

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"Cpl Bob Casey" "Casey & Hill on a 3 day pass to New Orleans"

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"Cpl Fred Hill" "Casey & Hill on a 3 day pass to New Orleans"

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"41st Division 1941 - Pertaining to the new 41st Cantonment area - N. Ft. Lewis - Cpl Lyle Morehead"

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"41st Division 1941 - Recreation: card game Cpl Bill Hawes - 4th Squad (Mortar) leader - Gail Mills on right - in barracks at 41st Cantonment area"

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"41st Division - E Co. 186 Inf. - Show Off! Cpl Bill Hawes holding all the weapons from his tent - 5 Brownings and 3 Colt Automatics"

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