Oregon Reunion on Biak 2


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Oregon Reunion on Biak 2


Military life
Military uniforms
Coats, Jim
Cochran, Harold M.
Hill, Fred
Rizor, Dean
Stitzinger, Ernie


"Old E Co 186th Infantry National Guard friends from La Grande, Oregon, met on Biak. Sgt Fred Hill (Air Force), Lt Cochran, Sgt Ernie Stitzinger, Cpl Dean Rizor, S/Sgt Jim Coats" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Oregon Reunion. On September 11-12, Hill was surprised to meet a number of soldiers he had known back in Oregon where they had served together in the National Guard in 1940. On September 19, he set out and found these four more Oregon soldiers who had just returned from patrol with the 41st Division that recently defeated the Japanese. In his letters, Hill noted that these men had new Japanese pistols and other spoils that they would trade for quarts of liquor. Front right to left: Jim Coats (Elgin) and Dean Rizor (La Grande)
back left to right: Fred Hill (Elgin), Harold M Cochran (La Grande), and Ernie Stitzinger (La Grande)." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)






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