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"En Route back to Fort Lewis - Camped at Swan Island, Portland OR (Equipment Inspection - Pup tents etc) Gas mask and WW1 Springfield rifle"
"Gen Eisenhower Fort Lewis Post Inspection 1946 - Rifle Platoon"
"Gen Eisenhower Field Inspection - Fort Lewis 1946"
"The General inspects Ft Lewis Infantry firing range" "5 Star Gen Dwight Eisenhower Inspects Fort Lewis 1946" "Dry firing range"
"Fort Lewis Inspection - African American troops Present Arms" "General of the Armies Dwight Eisenhower Inspects Fort Lewis - Spring 1946" "Here talking to African American troops"
"Van Reimer - head out of mosquito net - in his cot - Binmaley" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Van Reimer Resting. Sometimes, Photo Section men worked all night, then went to bed after breakfast -- as may have been the case here." ("Darkroom Soldier"…
"3 day Pass to St. Augustine Florida - Gardens - 1943"
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