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"9/1985 - New student days" A group of young people are walking out of Inlow Hall after a campus orientation session. Several of them are carrying "Eastern Pride" student handbooks and painter's caps.
"9/1985 - New students days" Wearing "Eastern Pride" painter's caps and carrying student handbooks, new students participate in a campus tour.
"8/1986" Girls performing a skit or play, probably during one of the summer camps for middle and high school students. Several of the girls are wearing "Eastern Pride" painter's caps.
"9/1985 - New student days" Carrying an "Eastern Pride" painter's cap, a student handbook and a cup, a young woman walks down the steps in front of Inlow Hall. A young man is reaching out to hand her a pamphlet, and behind him is another young woman…
"7/1986 - Science Camp, Dave Kerley" Biology professor, Dave Kerley talks with a group of kids during the 1986 Summer Science Camp.
"9/1985" Eight images of students outdoors on campus. 85133 .013-.014 - Hoke Hall.
"9/1985 - New students days" - thirteen images .002 - Pierce Library (background, left side, partial).
"7/1986 - Science Camp" - seventeen images .002 - Dave Kerley (facing). .004 - Dick Hermens (background, in profile). .005-.008 - Dave Kerley (facing). .011-.012 - Dick Hermens (end of group, back to camera). .014-.015 - Dick Hermens (end of group,…
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