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"10/1987 - Homecoming" Ten images of painted dormitory windows with spirited slogans aimed at the upcoming homecoming football game against Pacific.
"10/1987 - Homecoming" Three images of football fans with their faces painted for the homecoming game.
"8/1986" Eight images of girls performing a skit or play, probably during one of the summer camps for middle and high school students. Several of the girls are wearing "Eastern Pride" painter's caps.
"7/1986 - Science Camp" - nine images .001-.003 - Dick Hermens (in profile). .005-.006 - Dick Hermens (in profile).
"7/1986 - Science Camp" - seventeen images .002 - Dave Kerley (facing). .004 - Dick Hermens (background, in profile). .005-.008 - Dave Kerley (facing). .011-.012 - Dick Hermens (end of group, back to camera). .014-.015 - Dick Hermens (end of group,…
"10/1985 - Campus candids" Four images of football players with the EOSC logo design from the football helmets painted on their cheeks. In preparation for the homecoming game against Pacific, they are wearing t-shirts which read: "We will win" and…
"10/1985 - Campus candids" Football player, John Hurd has the EOSC logo design from the football helmets painted on the side of his head, and his number, #56 painted on the back.
"9/1985 - New students days" - thirteen images .002 - Pierce Library (background, left side, partial).
"9/1985" Eight images of students outdoors on campus. 85133 .013-.014 - Hoke Hall.
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