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  • Collection: Eastern Oregon University Historical Photographs
"10/1987 - Football" A fan in the stadium blows a conch shell at a football game.
"1988 - Foreign Students" President Dave Gilbert (left), rolls up his pant legs to dance with one of the Micronesian perfomers. The Micronesian Program students are providing the entertainment for an alumni function in Hoke Hall.
"Foreign Students" Four young men of different nationalities play volleyball at a net set up in one of the grassy fields on campus.
"2/27/1991 - ED-NET [Education Network] and Computer Center open house: Dan Davidson"
"1988 - Foreign Students" A young man is looking through a photo album.
"1989" Two young men sit together on one of the brick enclosed planting beds.
"9/1985 - New student days" An orientation tour group sits on the grass in the Gronek Amphitheater.
"4/1987 - Admission Recruiters: Holly Kerfoot [light colored dress], Saichi Oba [light colored shirt, dark pants]"
"Foreign Students" A group of darker skinned, young women sit together on a picnic table. The only person in the picture with lighter skin is at the very top. Behind them is a building with boarded windows and diagonal wood siding.
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