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  • Collection: Eastern Oregon University Historical Photographs
"10/1984 - October Folk Festival"
A local artisan displays the quilts she has made to sell in a booth during the folk festival.
"10/1984 - Homecoming and October Folk Festival Parade" The Pacific Islanders' "Island-Style" float.
"April 16, 1982 - Left to right: Bill Worrell, La Grande Schools Superintendant; Dr. Rodney Briggs, EOSC President; Barbara Odegaard, Foundation"

"6/1987 - 50th Reunion, Classes of 1936-38" Attendees of the 50th Class Reunion are welcomed by Director of College Relations, Jack Schut, who is on the left.
"1990 - Nicole Resare [left]" Dick Stenard [right].
"1954-55 - Jim Walters" Jim Walters works the adding machine behind the counter of the campus bookstore. There is a window to his left and scores of shelves, books and supplies behind him. He is wearing a tweed, sports jacket over a light colored,…
"1990 - Christina Corona [left]" Dick Stenard [right].
"1990 - Perla Rodriguez [left]" Dick Stenard [right].
"1990 - Jennifer Chambers [left]" Dick Stenard (right).
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