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"1954-55 - Jim Walters" Jim Walters works the adding machine behind the counter of the campus bookstore. There is a window to his left and scores of shelves, books and supplies behind him. He is wearing a tweed, sports jacket over a light colored,…

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"Filipino Lady drawing water from shallow well - Leyte" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Water From the Well. Near the soldiers' camp, a wooden box formed the head of a shallow fresh water well. To reach the water, Filipinos lowered a can on a bamboo pole,…

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"Filipino Lady drawing water from shallow well with can on a stick - Leyte"

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"3 day Pass to St. Augustine Florida"

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"Plaque - La Grande Water Works - Landis Artesian Wells - Constructed 1925-1926 Well No. 1 - Depth: 1,035 Feet - Flow: 500 Gals. Per Min. - Pressure: 41 Lbs. Well No. 2 - Depth: 1,391 Feet - Flow: 1,335 Gals. Per Min. - Pressure: 41 Lbs."

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