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Eastern Oregon football players attempt to line up in order to tackle the opposing team member who is running with the ball. His teammates are coming in to block. The "Visitors Section" sign can be seen over the heads of the players. Also, a partial…

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"1956 Football" This is an informal, outdoor portrait of four Eastern Oregon football players, #70 - Don Paulson, #74 - Dave Hansen, #24 - Terry Ziegenhagen, and #32 - Clarence Bare. [#32 - Bare was omitted from the photograph print, but appears in…

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Eastern's football team battles it out on the field with an opposing team. Teammates watch from the sidelines, and from along a wood slat fence. At the right, spectators can be seen sitting on bleachers with a "Visitors Section" sign overhead. Hunt…

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"1953-54 Band" Facing away from the "Visitors Section" bleachers, the marching band performs on the football field at night. They are wearing their full uniforms.

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"1953-54 Football Band" The marching band performs on the football field in their full uniforms. There are a few fans seated in the "Visitors Section" of the bleachers. Ackerman School gymnasium, Inlow Hall, and a corner of Hunt Hall are visible in…

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