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"4/5/1983 - Sister Bernice's 1st Grade Class at Valley View Manor" - ten images .003-.005 - [Appears to be:] Dixie Lund (standing, eyeglasses).

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Two images taken in an Ackerman Elementary School classroom: One in which a teacher is sitting on the floor with a small group of children, and the second one of a boy using a View Master.

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"Liberty Ships - Aircraft on Air strip perhaps Mokmer strip and Jap Fox holes in foreground - taken from up a rise in the coral wall"

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"3 day Pass to St. Augustine Florida"

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"Fair View Farm - Cove Ave. La Grande - To C.D. Huffman & Son Dr. - C.D. Huffman was Fred Hill's grandfather"

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"Grande Ronde Lumber Co. - Perry 1912"

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"View from Shepperds Del (Bridge) - Columbia River Highway, Ore."

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