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"US Air Force Photo - Leyte, P.I. Oct. 1944"

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"Sgt Earl E. Powers, former Photo Section member who became a Photo-gunner in a combat crew" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Photo Gunners. Two men in Hill's Photo Reconnaissance section, his friends Sgt Earl Powers (above) and Sgt Bob Casey, moved up the…

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"McGuire Airdrome overview of Mindoro air strip facilities" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Invading Mindoro. Moving north from Leyte to establish airfields closer to Manila and Luzon, the Allies chose to invade Mindoro, a mountainous, oval-shaped island,…

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"B-25's attacking Japanese Destroyer"

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"Liberty Ships - Aircraft on Air strip perhaps Mokmer strip and Jap Fox holes in foreground - taken from up a rise in the coral wall"

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"17th Recon - B-25 Crew chief looking out pilot's window. Among other's George Tregembo" Painted under pilot's window: "PILOT: Capt W.S. Kulp, NAVIGATOR: 1st Lt M.P. Harakal, CREW CHIEF: T/Sgt F.J. Lynch, ASST. CREW CHIEF: Sgt G.R. Tregembo"

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