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"5/1986 - Springfest Rodeo"

Visible sponsorship billboards:"Eastside Tavern," "Bridles N Britches."
"1983 or 1984 - Raft Race" - ten images xx318 .017 - Powder Puff team. .023 - Snow Cap team. (This raft ends up being swamped in the rapids. Thankfully, no one was aboard at the time. See: 2012.2.xx302.006) xx319 .024 - Tavern Knackle team. .026-.030…
"5/1986 - Springfest Rodeo"

Visible sponsorship billboards: "Eastside Tavern," "Bridles N Britches," "Connie's," "Trotter's," "M.J. Goss," "Skippers."
"May 19, 1979 - College Rodeo"
Two cowboys work as a pair in order to rope a running steer. In the background, sponsorship billboards for "Bridles-n-Britches," "Rangler Family Steakhouse," and "Zenith" hang on the fence.
Cowboys and cowgirls stand their horses in a line at the Union County Fair Grounds.
"1978" A cowboy is on the way to the ground butt first after having just been bucked off the horse he was riding. In the background, sponsorship billboards hang from the fence, including, "Pay Less Drug Store," "Baum Insurance Agency," "Connies,"…
A cowboy gets air between him and the saddle as he is bucked by the horse he is riding. Numerous other cowboys are nearby helping or watching. A sponsorship sign hangs on one of the gates to the pens. It reads, "Eastside Tavern Lunch Shuffleboard…
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