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"1983 or 1984 - Raft Race" - ten images xx318 .017 - Powder Puff team. .023 - Snow Cap team. (This raft ends up being swamped in the rapids. Thankfully, no one was aboard at the time. See: 2012.2.xx302.006) xx319 .024 - Tavern Knackle team. .026-.030…
"1983 - Raft Race" Seven images of an unmanned raft getting caught up on the rocks and swamped in the rapids.
"7/1986 - 'Snow White' production team of go-fers" - six images
"1/1986 - Scenes from 'Strange Snow'" - fourteen images 86213 .001 - Lyle Schwarz (right, back to camera). 86215 .004 - Lyle Schwarz (right). .009 - Lyle Schwarz (right). .017 - Lyle Schwarz (right). .019 - Lyle Schwarz (right). 88225 [Photographer:…
"1/1986 - 'Snow White' production rehearsals" - ten images
"January 15, 1977 - 8th Street Carnival sponsored by Campus Charismatics" Students, professors, and personnel take turns riding sleds with runners down the 8th Street hill on campus.
"Snow Carnival Queen" Vicki Cooper poses for a studio picture with ski poles. She is wearing a patterned sweater over a T-shirt and pants. [This photo appears in the 1961 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 55.]
"Union Flouring Mill Co. - Union, Oregon - Where Snow White and Gilt Edge Flour are made"
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