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"1983 - Raft Race" Teams of students ready their rafts for launching. Some are conventional, inflatable rafts, some are inner tubes tied together, and some are homemade inventions.
"5/1984 - Raft Race" Three images of groups of students launching their rafts from Hilgard Park as they begin the raft race on the Grande Ronde River.
"5/1984 - Raft Race" Two images of the "Fallopian Tubes #III" team competing with the giant rubber bladders team.
"1983 or 1984 - Raft Race" - ten images xx318 .017 - Powder Puff team. .023 - Snow Cap team. (This raft ends up being swamped in the rapids. Thankfully, no one was aboard at the time. See: 2012.2.xx302.006) xx319 .024 - Tavern Knackle team. .026-.030…
"5/1984 - Raft Race" Five images of students floating on an enormous amount of inner tubes tied together and dubbed "Fallopian Tubes #III".
"1983 or 1984 - Raft Race" Ten images of various team members before and after the race.
"1983 or 1984 - Raft Race" Five images of the Finish Line area on the Grande Ronde River riverbank at Riverside Park. Teams are pulled in, wet and tired.
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