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"La Grande, Oregon USFS Fire Center. 4-18-89 Main Bldg & Storage Bldg (small building by green van).

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"17th tactical Recon Sqdn Photo section print finishing area. Flat tray on thin steel legs (to the left) is a 4 ft diam Print washer - final phase of the washing process. Straight back to the left of the pith helmet are boxes of photo paper contrasts…

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"17th Engineering Section - " "Laurel AB" (Air Base)

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"Grande Ronde Cash Co. Storage No. 1 - Shield on wagon: 'Overland Cement & Plaster - Sign on building: 'Scales Capacity 10 tons'"

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"Eastern Oregon C of E Air Force training - 1942 - lived in Sacajawea Hotel"

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