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Five images taken at one of EOSC President Rodney Briggs' student discussion forums. He called them, "Conversations with the President."
"Graduate of 1975 - Bruce Stecher" Two pictures of Bruce Stecher that have not been separated. In the top picture, he is relaxing on a sofa in the upstairs area of Hoke Hall. A spiral staircase is visible in the background. In the bottom picture, he…
"10/17/1975 - Octoberfest German Club Dancers"
The following names were included with the image, but did not specifically identify any of the subjects: "Ellen Porter, Cam MacGinnis, Dave Turner, Kim Ihander, and Marti Fashee [or Forshee]." The…
Physics Professor Donald Schnitzler and an unidentified woman climb the spiral staircase in Hoke Hall.
"March 6, 1976 - Open House"
Faculty and staff mingle with guests and students during the campus Open House in Hoke Hall. Identified in this image are from left to right: Dorothy Winters (1st), Mary Davison (3rd), Rodney Briggs (4th), and Howard…
"April 14-16, 1977 - State High School Speech Tournament - Ann Sistron, After Dinner Speaking (Churchill High School, Eugene, OR)
"April 14-16, 1977 - State High School Speech Tournament - Laura Thorne, Serious Interpretation (Beaverton HIgh School, Beaverton, OR)
"November 1978 - Campus Lounge"
The main lounge area in Hoke Hall with the spiral staircase that went up to the next floor.
"February 18, 1978 - Open House"
During the Open House, William [Bill] McLean answers a student's questions at one of the information tables.
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