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"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" - eleven images xx282 .015 - Rodney Briggs (right). .020-.021 - Burke Thomason (bottom, right side). Carmelo Bellavia (male dancer with dark hair, eyebrows, and mustache). xx288 - [Not attributed to The Observer.…

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"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" - three images xx282 .003 - Rodney Briggs (left side, holding hand of young woman in costume). xx288 - [Not attributed to The Observer. Photographer: Anon]. .051 - Rodney Briggs (dancing with young woman), Ted…

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Four images of dancers dressed in Germanic costumes and folk dancing for an audience at the Spring Festival & Ice Cream Social.

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"10/1985 - Octoberfest" Three images: Two of young people wearing costumes while folk dancing in Hoke Hall, and one of audience members sitting along one wall.

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"10/1984 - October Folk Festival" An image of costumed folk dancers in Hoke Hall.

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"10/1984 - Homecoming and October Folk Festival Parade" - six images

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"10/1983 - Octoberfest" Two images of festival folk dancers dressed in Germanic costumes. One of the young men is assisting the other with a costume issue.

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"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" Two images of folk dancers talking with one another while one of them is holding a baby.

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"10/20/1981" Two images of the folk dancers helping each other with finishing touches to their costumes before they perform. .002 - Zabel Hall (background).

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"10/20/1981" Eleven images of young people wearing costumes while folk dancing at the October Festival. 81106 .010 - Zabel Hall (background). 81117 .010-.014 - Zabel Hall (background).

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