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Professor Burke Thomason (middle) and two unidentified students sit out in the snow manning an Honors-Intact booth for... Croquet? They seem to be enjoying themselves with coffee and donuts, and Hoke Hall is barely visible through the white-out in…
"1974 - Honors-Intact Party" - twelve images .003 - Ian Gatley (profile). .006 - Mike Daugherty (profile, looking at keg), Mt. Emily (background). .008 - Mike Daugherty (right edge). .011 - Ian Gatley (waving).
"March 6, 1976 - Open House"
Faculty and staff mingle with guests and students during the campus Open House in Hoke Hall. Identified in this image are from left to right: Dorothy Winters (1st), Mary Davison (3rd), Rodney Briggs (4th), and Howard…
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