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"Sgt Jim Coats & Cpl Dean Rizor E Co 186th Infantry on Biak former members of National Guard unit in La Grande, Oregon of which Fred Hill was also a member"
"Sgt Earl Powers using a light-proof changing bag to re-load his camera" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Changing Bag. To remove an exposed roll of film and install a new roll in his Kodak 3-A, Sgt Powers crouches beside a Hollandia base road and…
"17th Photo Lab Printing set up (demonstration of course) Sgt Earl Powers at Printer
"41st Division 1941 - Pertaining to the new 41st Cantonment area - N. Ft. Lewis - 1st Sgt Howard Petersen"
"Firing Range - Ft. Lewis - 41st Div. - 24 target, 100 yd. range - Sgt Lyle Gerber on pistol range - 1941"
"41st Division E Company 186 Infantry Fort Lewis 41st Cantonment Area - Sgt Robert Spencer advises 1st Sgt Howard Petersen in some cabinet carpentry"
"41st Division E Co. 186 Inf. Camp Murray - Mess Sgt. Bert Burke cutting a quarter of beef - dirt floor"
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